Always Has His Nose In A Book.


Anonymous said...

you should really consider linking back to where you found each photo! it's obnoxious to find something really interesting and then not be able to find out who made it or where i can learn more about it. besides the fact that you're infringing on people's copyrights by not attributing their names to their work.

it's too bad, because you have such good taste, but you're keeping all the pertinent info to yourself :(

Anonymous said...

ps: your policy of "If you want credit for a photo let me know and I'll take care of it." is not going to be good enough for a pissed off photographer who is irritated that you didn't credit them for their work.

Kathryn said...

I completely agree with what you're saying. If you look at my other blog (wetbehindthears) I link back to where I've found things and give as much information about the works as I can. The problem with the photos that I have on this blog is that I mostly find them on sites like wehearit where there is usually no information on who has created the works. For example, on weheartit or ffffound a lot of times when I click on the link provided above the photo I am directed to a home page that must have once housed the photo but either the photo is an older entry or has been taken off their site or the site is like mine here and has no further information on the artist who created the works. I am not keeping the information to myself as you say. If I do know who should get credit for the work I always give it, but most of the time I have no idea and I am just as in the dark as you.